Ecological Database of the World’s Insect Pathogens

This is a database of known pathogens of many species of insects and other arthropods. This database was designed by David Onstad < dwonstad AT >, and first described in Braxton et al (2003). The taxonomy of these data follows that of the original publication. The database is somewhat unique in that in addition to host-parasite associations that occur in nature, it also contains some true host absences: records of instances where a given host species was inoculated with a pathogen and found not to be susceptible to it. This database also contains a large amount of ecological data on hosts and parasites.

We have provided these data for users who do not wish to download the entire database, and simply want to quickly query a static version.  This version of the database is intended primarily as a teaching tool or for initial exploration of the data.  The taxonomy of this version of EDWIP is static, and was last updated October 1, 2021.  The latest version of the data, with dynamically updated taxonomy, can always be found at For questions, please contact Dallas, Tad < TDALLAS AT >. If using these data for any publications, please cite Dallas et al (2022).

You can find more information about EDWIP in this document. This website was developed by Tom Pulliam. The funding for this website was provided by the Macroecology of Infectious Disease Research Coordination Network (NSF DEB 1316223). You can read more about our work here.


Braxton, S. M., Onstad, D. W., Dockter, D. E., Giordano, R., Larsson, R., & Humber, R. A. (2003). Description and analysis of two internet-based databases of insect pathogens: EDWIP and VIDIL. Journal of invertebrate pathology, 83(3), 185-195.

Dallas, T., C. Carlson, P. R. Stephens, S. J. Ryan, D. Onstad. 2022. insectDisease: programmatic access to the Ecological Database of the World’s Insect Pathogens. Ecography (in review)